Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation

At Taylor Mountain Stables, we offer a variety of professional, alternative therapy and rehabilitation services.


Our unique approach is custom and takes into consideration the whole horse, its environment as well as its past and present, day to day activities.

Acupressure and trigger point therapy for equines offers a popular alternative to traditional care, but does not replace veterinary medicine.  This alternative care offers a holistic approach to treating many performance problems and aids in restoring motion and removing lameness.


Acuscope therapy provides therapeutic rehabilitation for equine injuries. It is specially calibrated for large and small animals, and enhances the healing process, lessens the chances of future injury and helps maintain and reduce chronic conditions. Acuscope Therapy has helped horses, people and small animals alike, for decades and has been used by top owners, trainers and riders for a variety of applications.



Haul in or full service board with daily therapy

I provide personalized care so bring your horses to me! At Taylor Mountain Stables, they can enjoy 15 acres of green pastures, 12x12stalls with private attached pastures and more. Your horse will receive five-star care, which includes grooming, blanketing in addition to any custom, personal needs they may have. 

Sports injury therapy

Electro-Acuscope Therapy speeds recovery for equine athletes injured during competition or practice. This therapy system can help a variety of injuries commonly occurred from repetitive strain on joints and muscles by helping them to heal themselves faster, accelerating their cellular regeneration, improving soft tissue function and increasing range of motion.

Sports conditioning and strengthening

Optimize your equine’s performance before competition to ensure there’s no soreness or pain from practicing, which can lead to more serious injuries during competition. Working with you or your trainer, we will develop a customized program that keeps your horse in peak condition and ready for competition, no matter what sport you participate in. 

Chronic pain management and therapy

Using the Electro-Acuscope Therapy System, we can actively manage chronic pain. Acusope has been known to also resolve serious conditions  which would otherwise not improve. It is also an extremely effective preventative therapy that keeps the body strong, helping to avoid more serious injuries.

Ongoing and/or intensive therapy

Based on your needs, I can provide single or multiple sessions, at varying levels of intensity. After an initial evaluation, we can discuss how best to proceed with therapy, and whether normal or extended sessions would be most beneficial to the health of your horse.

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